寺大学’s 双重信用 program offers eligible high school 学生s the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school. Some 双重信用 courses are offered at area high schools and other 学生s come to one of 寺大学’s three locations to take courses.


  • Expands academic options for college-bound high school 学生s
  • Minimizes the duplication of courses taken in high school and college
  • Shortens the time required to complete an undergraduate degree; and
  • Significantly reduces the cost of higher education



双重信用 Student Success Hours have ended for the semester.

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早期的大学 High Schools (ECHS) are innovative high schools located on or in close proximity to a college campus that allow 学生s least likely to attend college an opportunity to earn a high school diploma and 60 college credit hours. 寺大学 is the partnering community college for the Legacy 早期的大学 High School.


  • 免费为学生提供双重学分
  • 提供严格的指导和加速课程
  • Provide academic and social support services to help 学生s succeed
  • 增加大学准备
  • 减少进入大学的障碍




中央大学 is a designation given by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board that enables high school juniors and seniors who attend the Texas Bioscience Institute (TBI) to take more than two college courses per semester. Students who begin taking courses their junior year may earn as much as 58-60 college credits and seniors may earn 28-30 credits by high school graduation.


  • Increase the number of college credits 学生s can obtain while still in high school.
  • 让高等教育更容易获得, 负担得起的, and attractive by bridging the divide between high school and college.
  • Provide needed guidance and support from adults through the first two years of college.
  • Facilitate the transition of motivated 学生s to higher education.




Yes, 双重信用 学生s can register for college courses offered online. Online courses are the same courses taught face to face. They have the same expectations and cover the same material. In fact, some 学生s find them harder because of the amount of reading required. A strong reading background is necessary to be successful—along with reliable, reasonably up-to-date computer equipment and a good Internet connection.

Some 学生s believe that online courses are self-paced. They want to work at their own speed and log in whenever they want. 在这种情况下,他们大多是错的. Students can log in to an online course at any time, but the classes are usually not self-paced. They have deadlines and will require at least as much time as a face-to-face class—possibly more. 监控学生的参与, and it is possible to be dropped from an Internet course for non-participation.

Another popular belief is that anyone can take an online class.

也许吧,但这并不意味着每个人都应该这样做. Someone with no computer or Internet access will have a tough time with an online course. Students without basic computer skills will also struggle. Students should address these issues if they want to enroll in an Internet class.

在你注册了一门课程之后, you may choose to get a 寺大学 ID card and parking permit. If so, go the One College Centre and look for the 招生 & 记录 Office to have your picture taken for your ID. Parking permits are free, and are distributed at the Cashier’s Office next to 招生 & 记录. Bring a picture ID and, for the parking permit, your license plate number. Students coming to the 寺大学 campus for classes are strongly advised to get both an ID card and a parking permit (you will be ticketed for parking on campus without a permit!). Off-campus 学生s are not required to get either one but should get at least an ID card if planning to use the library, 参加游戏或体育活动, 或者参观校园的辅导中心.

Textbooks are important for success in a college course. Books can be purchased at the 寺大学 书店, 位于阿诺德学生会, 或者通过书店网站在线购买. To ensure you get the correct books, please have your course name, number and section number. That information is available in T连接 under “my class schedule” on the 学生 menu.

The attendance policy can be found in the 寺大学 学生 handbook. You can have up to four unexcused absences in a standard 16-week course before being administratively withdrawn from a class. Inform your instructors when you are expecting to miss a class. UIL events or other school-sponsored events are excused when reported at least a week prior to the absence, but don’t forget that it is the 学生’s responsibility to arrange make-up sessions!

What if it’s a true emergency, and you simply can’t do any of these things? No one expects you to call the professor from the back of an ambulance. Contact the professor as soon as you can—but don’t just disappear. If the professor doesn’t hear from you after several absences, he/she may assume that you don’t intend to complete the semester. Remember that in college there is no front office that will keep school personnel up to date on your situation.

If at some point you need to withdraw from a course, don’t just stop attending. 这需要遵循一个过程. Contact the professor and your high school counselor. 完成神庙学院的退学表. Submit that form to your counselor or 寺大学 directly.

Please consult with your high school counselor prior to submitting paperwork. 一般情况下,学生需要提交:

  • 步骤1. 填写一份坦普尔大学的申请
  • 步骤2. 提交一份高中成绩单
  • 步骤3. Submit a shot record showing the bacterial meningitis vaccination current within 5 years or a waiver for medical or religious reasons
  • 步骤4. 提交符合州标准的考试成绩 TSI需求.

Classes must be requested using the 双重信用 登记 Form, 并且必须包含所有的签名(parent, 学生, 和顾问)是有效的.

College classes taken prior to high school graduation for dual credit are protected by dual credit legislation, so 学生s may apply as freshmen and are eligible for all freshman-level scholarships. The number of dual credit hours attempted does not impact this. Students with 6 college credit hours are viewed the same as 学生s with more than 60 college credit hours as long as these credits were earned prior to high school graduation and for dual credit purposes. 作为一个结果, dual credit learners are not required to apply as transfer 学生s, are eligible to apply for the same scholarships as a traditional high school 学生, and are not affected by the TEC Excessive Hours rule which requires a higher tuition rate for 学生s who have earned more than 30 hours outside of their degree plan as long as hours are taken prior to high school graduation.

这取决于. Each opportunity has different pros and cons – it is your job to evaluate them and determine which opportunity is best for your situation. 在AP和IB课程, college credit is usually earned after one high-stakes test taken at the very end of the course. 双重信用 courses typically earn credit throughout the course, depending on the instructor. Credit for all three opportunities may or may not be awarded by your receiving institution depending on their policies, although 双重信用 does have a core curriculum in-state transfer guarantee between public institutions. 双重信用 courses are taught by college instructors, 要么在高中校园里, 在坦普尔大学校园或网上, which allows 学生s to acclimate to the real college experience. AP and IB classes are taught by high school instructors at the high school, 哪种方法可以减少旅行成本/时间. 双重信用 courses charge regular college tuition with a dual credit discount and require college textbooks, so they are typically more expensive than AP and IB courses. 最后, ISDs set their grade weighting system individually, so some high schools may not weight 双重信用 classes as heavily as AP and IB, 会影响你的班级排名吗.

天普大学, we believe that 双重信用 can be an important experience for a 学生 to help ease the transition from high school to college and, 在正确使用的情况下, 加快毕业时间. 学生将学习重要的大学技能, 比如在课堂上增加责任, 如何与大学教授互动, 以及大学系统如何运作. Studies show that 学生s who take 双重信用 are more likely to persist in education and graduate from college sooner than 学生s who did not complete 双重信用.



Executive Director, 双重信用 and High School Partnerships